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What is the Rural Arts Initiative (RAI)?

To fulfill our mission, LCAC is engaging in a Rural Arts Initiative. We believe it’s time to revitalize Lake County for the future, using the “arts” as a powerful catalyst that will also respect & incorporate our County’s history, unique resources and diverse culture.


Why?…. Lake County is the poorest County in California. It has a 25% poverty rate (28% for our local Native Americans) versus a national rate of 15.4%. More than 35% of our children are estimated to be living in poverty, considerably higher than the national rate of 21.3%. We have also been ravaged by fire over the last several years ….. 150,000+ acres burned.

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Projects in support of RAI

What we are working on…

To fulfill our mission, the Rural Arts Initiative has researched best practices and chosen the most impactful projects that can work together to provide the drivers needed for success:


Though there are two “tracks” Arts in School (children) and Arts Destination (economy) all the pieces are intended to work together to support current & future success for our County.

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